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Q: How will these High Holidays work?

A: We have planned a number of different options based on different lockdown/restrictions scenarios. From a range of smaller services simultaneously held using different spaces at Hamerkaz Centre, to multiple shorter abbreviated services, to inspiring Zoom services and full DIY (do it yourself) packs . Our number one goal is to ensure, as always, a meaningful and joyful High Holidays experience for our community. We will email and text you as information becomes available.


Q: If there aren’t necessarily going to be normal High Holy Days and Shul-seats, why isn’t Partnerships discounted?

A: Let’s clarify the misunderstanding of what Partnerships at Hamerkaz means. Your annual contribution has never merely been a Shul-seat, as everyone has always been welcomed regardless. To be a Partner is to be part of something that you believe in and to participate as you wish in what is on offer. Partnerships are what allows Hamerkaz to exist. Together, we adapt to the changing conditions and continue creating hope for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. The High Holidays are like any event or program, as a partner you get priority access and first access when our centre re-opens. 


Q: What other events, programs and support should we expect (beyond the current emails, Whatsapp’s and Zoom’s) in the event of an ongoing lockdown?

A: Like the Drive-Thru on Shavuot, Lamdeni Legend educational platform or the Pesach & Care Boxes, we continue to think out of the box to offer uplifting programs and experiences for you. We have a great selection of programs coming up in the lead-up to the High Holidays and throughout the Chagim, for adults and children alike. Please check out the ‘Services & Events’ page for further information. Our other main focus right now is keeping in touch with our community, one on one, and offering support as you need. Now more than ever, in times of isolation, maintaining our sense of community and connection is our priority.


Q: If I have been financially affected by Covid, can my Partnership be discounted?

A: If the Partnership is too prohibitive for you right now – let us know. We remember those who’ve journeyed with us. Give as much as you can - every contribution, big or small, would be welcomed. No Jew will be turned away because of lack of funds. And should you be in a more blessed financial position, we’ll be grateful if you can this year subsidise existing community members who face financial struggles. As a community, we’ll support those who have contributed to make Hamerkaz the special place it is.


Q: Will Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur be cancelled this year?

A: Absolutely not! We are in contact with the Department of Health and will be assessing everyday until the last moment what our plan will be. Whether it be in person or virtual or a combination, we are determined to make these the most meaningful and memorable High Holidays ever! Like never before! We will email and text you as information becomes available.


Q: If I cannot attend the High Holidays physically or virtually, what can you offer? 

A: We are preparing a ‘Do It Yourself’ pack for you, to help you navigate and create your own meaningful Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur experience at home. The Pack will include: High Holidays Guide; Selected Prayers in Hebrew and English and other meaningful items.

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