Your contribution to Hamerkaz Centre will enable us to continue our efforts towards strengthening Jewish pride and awareness in our beautiful community, bolstering our Jewish infrastructure and educating our young and old with the wisdom and beauty of our heritage. 

Hamerkaz is always there for everyone. Please open your hearts and be a partner in our efforts.

Questions & Answers


Q: How will these High Holy Days work?

A: We have planned a number of different alternative options based on different ever-changing lockdown scenarios. From a range of smaller services simultaneously held using different spaces at Hamerkaz Centre, to multiple shorter “power services”, to top-notch inspiring Zoom services and full DIY packs – our number one goal is to ensure, as always, a meaningful and joyful High Holy Days experience for our community. No matter what, we have you covid covered.


Q: If there aren’t necessarily going to be normal High Holy Days and Shul-seats, why isn’t Partnerships discounted?

A: Let’s clarify the misunderstanding of what Partnerships at Hamerkaz means. Your annual contribution has never merely been a Shul-seat, as all have always been welcomed regardless. To be a Partner is to be part of something that you believe in and to participate as you wish in what is on offer. Partnerships areis what allows Hamerkaz to be and exist. Together, we adapt to the changing conditions and continue creating hope for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. The High Holy Days are like any event or program, as a partner you get priority access.


Q: What other events, programs and support should we expect (beyond the current emails, Whatsapp’s and Zoom’s) in the event of an ongoing lockdown?

A: Like the Shavuot Drive-Through, Lamdeni Legend educational platform and Pesach Boxes, we constantly think out of the box to offer uplifting programs and experiences to you. NDADD MORE. We have a great selection of programs coming up in the lead-up to the High Holy Days and throughout the Chagim, for adults and children alike. Our other main focus right now is keeping in touch, one on one catch ups with you and offering support as you need. If there is a particular way you think we can enrich your High Holy Day experience personally or as a community please let us know. We are always open to maximising your spirit and connection.


Q: If I have been financially affected by Covid, can my Partnership be discounted?

A: There is not one person not affected by Covid in some way, but as always, our doors are open to anyone. No one will ever be turned away because of lack of funds. However, if you can, we kindly ask you to maintain your annual contribution. Your partnership enables us to be there for you and our community – during and post-Covid-19Corona too. Any contribution makes a big difference.


Q: What can I (we) do as a community member to assist those that need a helping hand during the High Holy Days?

A: We as a community can unite and be emotionally and physically present for our family and our friends. A simple act of ‘checking in’ can comfort and reassure our loved ones. If you know of someone that might benefit from a call from Rabbi Motty or Dina please get in touch with us. We are always here to help.

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